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to try - to have a try. и другие подобные конструкции

сначала ответ на вчерашний тест:

Screen Capture #131

to rest - to have a rest. to try - to have a try. разница-

to rest - to have a rest. to try - to have a try. разница

to have a rest, to have a try... показывают кратковременость, поверхностность действия.
иногда пробный характер. т.е. не так основательно как to rest, to try.

разница между
this is a pen. - it is a pen.
do - make
work - job. come - go. good - well. study - learn - teach
look - see - watch. listen - hear. town - city
big - large - great. small - little
знать - узнать. know - learn. find out. get to know
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